Massachusetts Firearms Legal Seminar


Massachusetts firearms law is complex and confusing with constantly changing interpretations. This one day seminar is designed with the help of local partner Tom Kiley Law, to provide officers and civilian licensing personnel with a clear, up-to-date understanding of firearms law to help reduce the problems associated with licensing and enforcement.


License To Carry Firearms, FID Cards, Dealers and Gunsmiths, Machine Gun Licenses, Permits To Purchase, Disqualification’s, Denials, Suspensions and Revocations, Appeals, Restrictions, Non-resident and Alien licensing, Safety course requirements, Chief’s Discretion, Suitability, Bonded Warehouses, Disqualified Officers, Private Sales, Sample forms, Federally Prohibited Persons, etc.



Purchasing, Carrying, Possession, Transporting in a vehicle, Carrying on a public way, Safe storage requirements Hunting Regulations, Non Resident Issues, Assault Weapons, Large Capacity Weapons and Feeding Devices, Restraining Orders, Licensing Exemptions, BB Guns, Paint Ball Guns, Gun Shows, Primitive Arms and Replicas, Dealer Requirements, Encountering Legally Armed Persons, Confiscation After Suspension or Revocation. etc.



New annual mandatory inspections, AG’s input on dealers located in residential areas, licensing, ammunition sales, ATF inspections, NEW AG regulations, etc.


Who Should Attend

Chiefs, all sworn and civilian licensing personnel, Supervisors, Training Officers, Firearms Instructors, Patrol Officers, Detectives, Prosecutors, State Police and Environmental Police, etc.  This seminar is appropriate for both NEW officers and civilian licensing personnel, and more experienced officers or licensing personnel dealing with ever changing complex issues of firearms law.


Cost and Registration

The cost for this seminar is $110 per person.  The fee includes a copy of the latest edition of the Law Enforcement Guide to Massachusetts Firearms Law.