Living History Invitation for LEO’s

Special Invitation

Law Enforcement Officers


Explore a hobby devoted to honoring our

American Heritage

Relive history by becoming a Revolutionary War Reenactor


Join the growing number of law enforcement officers who share a common interest in American History who have become Revolutionary War Reenactors.

This page is provided as an information resource for law enforcement officers with similar interests who may be unfamiliar with this hobby.  To begin your exploration, we suggest you finish reading this page and then explore the links provided below:


MAF Seminars Revolutionary War Re-enactor Links Page

The Continental Line – a parent organization of American Allied Forces
The British Brigade – a parent organization of Crown Forces
Brigade of the American Revolution – Crown & American Forces


An Invitation to Join

If you are a Law Enforcement Officer with an interest in American History, we think you would enjoy the Revolutionary War Reenacting hobby and recommend you explore your various options.  There are many considerations including:

  • Choosing sides (Crown or American forces)
  • Choosing the type of unit (line, ranger, light infantry, artillery, militia, dragoon, etc.)
  • Choosing a specific unit


Many of these choices will depend on what you want out of the hobby.  There are many excellent units on both the British and American sides.  Their requirements for membership and the impressions they present to the pubic vary greatly.  Some units focus on parades or have mandatory monthly meetings.  Other units focus on living history events or have no mandatory meetings.  Should you decide to participate in this hobby, choose the unit that suits your personal needs.

You are encouraged to either visit the unit link provided or email a specific officer listed below to ask for more information either about the unit or the hobby.


Law Enforcement Contact Information

Rev War Unit Contact Law Enforcement Affiliation
Whitcomb’s Rangers Ron Glidden Lee (MA) Police Department
Whitcomb’s Rangers Dave Boocock U.S. Border Patrol
74th (Highland) Regt. of Foot Paul Belyea Marblehead (MA) Police Department
10th Regiment of Foot Bill Desmond  Manchester (NH) Police Department (Ret)
H.M.S. Richmond Frank Rodriques New Bedford (MA) Police Department
Sheldon’s Horse, 2nd Lt. Dragoons George Tichy Hampden County (MA) S.D.- L.E.D.
64th Regiment of Foot Rick Lee New York City (NY) Police Department
Sheldon’s Horse, 2nd Lt. Dragoons John Hoynoski    East Hartford (CT) Police Department
84th Regiment of Foot Erwin Splittgerber Montgomery County (NY) S.D. (Ret)
2nd MA Regiment Alexander R. Cain  Essex County (MA) DA’s Office
Lexington Training Band Alexander R. Cain Essex County (MA) DA’s Office
4th  Tyron County Militia (Rangers) Robert F. Smith Boonville (NY) Police Department
von Heers Provost Corps Ron Puza Suffolk County (NY) PD (Ret)
2nd Virginia Regiment Todd Post National Crime Prevention Council
Queens Rangers Dragoons Hugh Francis Passaic (NJ) County Sheriff’s Dept.
HM “Detached Hospital” Laurence Todd High Point (NC) Police Department
HM “Detached Hospital” Mike Williams University of N.C. Hospital PD
Hesse-Kassel Jager Korps Alexis Dekeyser Kershaw County (SC) Sheriff’s Office
5th Pennsylvania Regt. John Godzieba Bristol Township (PA) Police Department
Ferguson’s Company – RWF Dave Nighswonger Orange County (CA) Sheriff’s Department
10th Regiment of Virginia Ed Ungerman Ferndale (MI) Police Department
42nd Regt. of Foot (Black Watch) Rick Croy Fairfax County (VA) Police Dept. (Ret.)
2nd South Carolina Regiment Teddy Johnson L.E. Div. (SC) Concealed Weapons Prog.
Maryland Loyalist Battalion Dave Woolsey Montgomery County (MD) Police
Butler’s Rangers Dave Solek Monroe (CT) Police Department