Introduction to Less Lethal Shotgun Seminar


  • Exploring the Need for a Less Lethal Option
  • Responding to Emotional Disturbed Persons
  • Response to “Suicide by Cop”
  • Reducing “Officer Created Jeopardy”
  • Use of the Shotgun as a Less Lethal Delivery System
  • Shotgun and Equipment Considerations
  • Less Lethal Shotgun Munitions Options
  • Use of Force Continuum
  • Deployment & tactical Considerations
  • Selecting Personnel for Authorized Use
  • Training Selected Personnel
  • Policy Considerations

Who Should Attend

Firearms instructors, patrol officers and supervisors; chiefs, training officers and others responsible for policy decisions; departments searching for less lethal options; departments considering deployment of less lethal shotgun munitions or any less lethal impact munitions; and departments currently using less lethal impact munitions but looking for additional or updated information.


The seminar is $110 per person.  Fee includes the all new Introduction to Less Lethal Shotgun Munitions Manual and a certificate of attendance.