Berkshire Living History Presentations

Berkshire Living History Presentations 

Ronald C. Glidden

Berkshires in the Revolution

This is a historical overview of Berkshire County, MA and its people’s involvement in the American Revolution.  The presentation includes discussion on such topics as pre-revolution resistance to the Crown in Western Massachusetts; the Berkshire’s response to the Lexington Alarm and the siege at Boston.  Special emphasis is given to the role of the Berkshires in the capture of Fort Ticonderoga, the failed Canadian Campaign, and the retreat from Ticonderoga leading up to the Battles of Hubbardton, Bennington and Saratoga.

The Berkshire’s unsung heroes like Colonel James Easton and Colonel John Brown  are also discussed including their turbulent relationship with the future trader to his country, Benedict Arnold.  Colonel Brown’s important raid at Ticonderoga behind enemy lines, and the final battle fought by the Berkshire Militia at Stone Arabia NY in which Col. Brown was ambushed and killed is also discussed.

The presentation is available to historical societies, libraries, civic, church and school groups and others.  The presentation averages 60 minutes, but can be modified to meet any time requirements.  Presentations are normally given in 18th century attire, and may include a PowerPoint slide presentation to emphasize important historical points or events.  For more information, please contact us by email by clicking on the inkwell below.